Camping and the Outdoors

Discover the magic of camping and know how to enjoy your camping trip when taking the whole family including your baby, kids and pets.

camping family and rv

Camping is simply an outdoor recreational activity. This means we use our time to rest and relax outdoors. That pretty much sums it up. Whatever your reasoning and rationale for going camping it will lead you in many directions and to many places.

There are many styles of camping that campers may choose. You may prefer one or all of these or even some of your own. The basic styles are:

  • Backpacking – combines camping and hiking.

  • Canoe camping – includes a canoe trip to your campsite.

  • Car camping – a car is used for transportation to your campsite.

  • Tent camping – a tent is used for shelter.

  • Pop-Up campers – a trailer towed behind a vehicle that expands similar to a tent.

  • Trailer camping – a trailer towed behind a vehicle.

  • RV camping – a self contained and self propelled

Your experience and ability will influence your planning and in selecting a location where to go camping. Many campgrounds have campsites with facilities such as fire rings, barbecue grills, restrooms and utilities such as water and electricity. These are ideal for families and occasional campers but are less challenging for the more experienced adventurer looking to exercise their survival skills and techniques to venture into uncharted wilderness.

Family Camping

family camping in tentLocations of campsites vary and range from primitive sites in forests to well groomed sites such as those found in many of the state parks, national parks and private sites. Fees will also vary depending on location and services provided. will help you polish your current skills and prepare you for advancing to the next level. This includes those that are planning their first outing and don’t know where to start. We will show you how to successfully plan your camping trip and using our camping checklists make sure you don’t forget any items of importance, necessity or luxury.