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Woman sitting in chair at campsiteOur list of camping equipment will probably have camping chairs somewhere close to the top. Some of us may not have camping chairs on our list at all while others wouldn’t leave home without them. There are many different types and styles of camping and a large selection of chairs to fill the different needs. I would define a camping chair as any chair taken camping. It’s just that simple.

Camping Chairs

Some chairs are specifically designed for camping and they would exhibit features such as small, compact, light weight and sturdy. Construction of these camping chairs would probably be aluminum frame with nylon webbing or cloth material used for the seat and back support areas. A chair known as an aluminum lawn chair makes an excellent camping chair and they are very popular. There are sports chairs that also make an excellent camping chair and many of these come with built in drink holders in the arms.

Camping style will have a lot to say about the type of camping chair you take or even if you take one at all. Let’s face it, if you are backpacking in the mountains taking along a camping chair is probably the last thing on your mind. If you are car camping in an economy car you will be limited as to how much camping gear you will be able to take. If you own a pick up truck then you’ll probably be loading it up with all kinds of extra nice to have items and several good camping chair or two.

CampingFolding camping stool

The terrain where you are camping will have an influence on how well different types and styles of camping chairs will perform. An example of this would be in soft ground especially when the ground is wet because chairs with straight legs will sink into the wet ground. A chair with runners connecting the legs would work much better in this type of terrain and other landscaping where the ground is level and smooth. However the camping chair with straight legs would be a better choice in terrain that was uneven and rocky.

Another popular and inexpensive choice for a camping chair is the stool. This is excellent in all areas but may be lacking a little in the comfort area as there is no back rest. This may favor the younger and more physical folks. It will even work for others if you are in an area with trees where you could use the stool close to a tree and lean back against the tree using it as back rest.

folding camping chair

Type of fabric is something you will want to pay close attention to also. While a cloth type fabric may be you initial thought for preference you may wish you had another fabric when the cloth material gets wet. It takes a while for it to dry out. A plastic trash bag would come in handy for temporary cover for the wet cloth. A camping chair with nylon webbing dries quickly and is easy to wipe clean and dry. However, the chair with nylon webbing may not be the better preference for sitting close to the camp fire when sparks are flying from a roaring fire.

If you are still not sure which type and style of camping chair you want to go with here is an option that will work every time. Get one of each and then watch to see which chairs the kids go for. See, that was easy.

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