Air Mattress

Air Mattress

Air mattresses are handy items to have for extra guests, slumber parties or for camping. They come in sizes like regular beds including twin, full, queen, and king size. An air mattress can be folded up for easy storage. Green air mattress camping gearWhen you are ready to use it, simply pull it out and inflate it with a small pump or air compressor. Hand pumps are ideal for using your air mattresses outdoors like on a camping trip. Most air mattresses inflate and deflate quickly and easily. High volume pumps can inflate a large air mattress in just a couple of minutes.

Sleeping on an Air Mattress

If you haven’t slept on an air mattress before you are in for a pleasant surprise as to how comfortable they are. The mattress firmness can be varied and controlled by the amount of air inside to suit individual preference. An air mattress is much softer than sleeping on the floor or ground. These come in handy when children are having a slumber party. Air mattress sizes and shapes are the same as a regular mattress so your sheets for the same size of bed will fit air mattress

Inexpensive investment

An air mattress is an inexpensive investment and can last years if properly treated. The cost will vary but the brand you purchase as well as the size of the air mattress. Shop around and look for a package that offers you a free pump with your air mattress. Portable manual pumps work good for both indoor and outdoor air mattress use. You may want to consider an inexpensive electric high volume pump, especially if you have several large air mattresses to inflate. These are available in 12 volt and 120 volt. You may want to find an air mattress that is from a quality manufacturer and has a good warranty. Most warranties won’t cover any damage that is the result of negligence.

Air Mattress Repair

Air mattresses are very durable; they are made of thick plastic or rubber type material. Thus, they are prone to puncture from sharp objects. Repair kits are available and usually come with an air mattress. It is also susceptible to heat such as a fireplace or outdoor fire which can melt a hole in the mattress. You can also blow a seam out of the air mattress if you fill it too full of air. It is important to care for your air mattress and follow the manufacturer instructions and handle and store it as directed. Air filler caps and plugs should be properly tightened to prevent slow leaks. Waking up with a deflated air mattress is no fun.

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Air mattresses are a convenient and inexpensive way of offering extra sleeping facilities. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and caring for your air mattress properly will insure many years of reliable service and enjoyment.

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